About Us

Global Exposure Offshore SAL is a vibrant company in the world of Media and Media training.

Our directors are based in different countries around Europe, the Middle East and North America, contributing with their local knowledge to enrich the Global Exposure client experience.

Their consummate skills range from publishing and media to TV production and presenting.

Global brands we proudly represented includes over 45 Inflight magazines and Inflight ambient media as well as Public Transport advertising like London Black Cabs in United Kingdom.

Our aim is to be the perfect organisation for you to work with. We have the mechanisms and the attitude that will ensure quality and consistency, and an entrepreneurial spirit that will make your experience with us thoroughly rewarding. Our philosophy is simple; By associating with the best in their fields of expertise we offer the highest quality products, incorporating the optimum in content, design, production and customer services. 


We very much look forward to the opportunity to work with your organisation.


Communication Strategy

Strategic communication goes beyond media planning. It goes into the core of the world of information. We can help you put together your own internal and external media strategy. Our role can be limited to the planning phase or we can help in the implementation of knowledge to your own staff.

A good communications strategy can be invaluable for a government entity, or a company, or to NGO’s and charity foundations.


Media Training

Facing Media is an essential skill in the modern world. It is a prerequisite for government officials and corporate executives as well as the general public and NGOs.

With more than 26 years of experience our experts can help you convey your messages in all types of media. Training is delivered anywhere in the world, in Arabic, French and English.


Media Planning

The objective for Global Exposure Offshore is to connect the dots between a message and its target, and to ensure your budget goes further with an efficient and effective return on your investment. We aim to work with tourist boards, airlines and international brands to create full scale media plans for them to reach their respective audiences in an innovative and cost efficient way

Having a presence in France, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE and the UK has given us the advantage of understanding each of these important market segments.


When is it time to call us?

When you feel you need fresh ideas for a new and exciting media plan

When you want to reach the right audience at the right time

When your current creativity is failing to get the right message across

When budgets are tight and the audience is huge

Drop us a line or give us a call to experience a whole new concept of media planning.

Our team will personally make your next campaign a fresh, exciting and unique one !